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Tricom Networks

Has over 75 year combined experience and is capable of preforming work in over 21 States in all capacities

Tricom Networks and its affiliate partner organizations are a full service underground utility and fiber optic construction contractor capable of preforming work in over 21 states. Our team of highly skilled professional have the proven experience that include initial design and engineering to all aspects of construction of a fiber optic network. The Tricom comprehensive project management team is able to provide route development, right-of-way acquisition, materials procurement, inventory staging, scheduling of equipment, materials and personnel, cable location, trench construction or directional boring, installation of fiber optics, and splicing and testing of fiber optic.

With over 75 year combined experience, we understand the complexities of burying fiber optic cable in both long haul and confined metropolitan situations.

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Tricom Networks and its affiliates have successfully completed contracts with values exceeding $150 million. Tricom Networks and its affiliates utilizes the latest cutting edge drilling, boring, trenching and fiber equipment testing on the market today. Tricom Network can scale to handle any size project in any state with accuracy, quality, safety, and the customers prospective in mind.

For more information, please contact our sales teams at: sales@tricomnetworks.com