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Want to scale optical and packet without exploding costs? We’ve been laying the foundation to do just that by embedding unprecedented intelligence and flexibility in our solutions.


Tricom Networks approach to convergence is about helping you increase optical and packet capacity at great scale, without exploding costs, by converging networks, network layers, and domains.

Now you can converge disparate network segments across various geographies, as well as multiple single-purpose networks, for residential, mobility, and enterprise traffic in a single network infrastructure. Deliver a better experience through a network that transforms user-to-content and content-to-content connectivity.


For many years, Ciena has been laying the foundation for convergence through its WaveLogic coherent optical processing and WaveLogic Photonics; OneControl unified multi-layer management; intelligent switching and OneConnect control plane solutions; and common, cross-portfolio E-Suite packet networking capabilities.

We continue to evolve the network into a truly programmable platform by embedding an unprecedented amount of intelligence and flexibility into our solutions. These advances provide increasing scalability and efficiency, as well as unsurpassed network visibility and control. But, perhaps more importantly, they provide the OPn network architecture building blocks to create tailored and cohesive packet-optical solutions that provide a simpler operational model for each unique networking environment.

This simpler operational architecture means faster provisioning of a rich mix of optical and packet services, faster fault isolation and mean time to repair, and a fully flexible, programmable network foundation that can operate in a Software-Defined Networking (SDN) architecture and respond intelligently to application needs.

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