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Surveillance Cameras

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Mission Critical Surveillance Applications

Tricom Networks is a provider of mission-critical IP surveillance solutions and has partnered with DNF Security. We are pleased to partner with a cutting edge company and extremely excited to be a reseller of the second generation of its Falcon Extreme video server appliances they will be on display ISC West in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Normally, separate servers and backhaul is needed for video processing, video storage, video viewing and video analytics. DNF’s breakthrough in video acceleration technology, the Falcon Extreme G200 video platform, has enough processing power to provide all four video operations for as many as 125 high definition cameras in only a single server, providing customers with an affordable solution for their surveillance needs.

Tricom Networks can develop new business models and explore new potential for mobile and Public Safety applications adapting cutting edge mission critical to its current offering and unlock great opportunities and system enhancements.

Security & Compliance

Government agencies are at constant risk of cyber-attacks, extortion and compromised data. But shrinking budgets often lead to less in-house staff and expertise to deal with those threats. By outsourcing your network security to Tricom Networks you gain access to seasoned professionals who utilize powerful security technology and highly accurate threat intelligence to provide comprehensive, 24 x 7 network protection and regulatory compliance.

Boston Police Department

Monitoring a recently installed

IP Camera backhauled by

Alcatel-Lucent 7750

Boston Police Department

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