Specialty Services

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Tricom Networks

Has developed a reputation through the years for responding to customer needs. In this tradition we have made it our mission to develop a core list of specialty services that allows us to respond to the challenges that face our customers in all aspects of the communications industry.

Tricom Networks supports a wide range of specialty services that start with a fleet of emergency response vehicles, temporary

antenna mounts and emergency power for all communications and mission critical requirements.

Our crews are called upon in several cases to provide special event coverage objectives like NASCAR Races, Large Venue Events, Capacity Adds, Presidential and Media Venues and other large and small specific coverage and marketing objectives.

Over the years, Tricom Networks been challenged by the US Borders and Customs, FBI and ICE to help configure and install “Stealth” Camera systems that look like rocks and boulders. In other cases we have been tasked with exterior cell site monitoring (CCTV) to help stop the theft of copper and base station equipment.

Tricom Networks have performed services from temporary antenna mounts, generators and disaster deployment to full blown stealth applications for Disney in Anaheim California and Disney Hawaii Kapolei, Hawaii and several other high profile clients.

So if you are looking for the team with the experience to get the job done the first time, please give us a call at 1-800-317-8957 or sales@tricimnetworks.com