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The oil and gas industry has been working toward the digital oil field of the future, with the goal of being able to monitor and manage in real time all operational activities along the entire oil value chain. With a standard IP networking solution, companies can now begin to implement this vision by focusing on the “first mile,” which is where the oil wells and other assets of the exploration and production (E&P) companies are. These assets—land-based fields and pumps, offshore drilling rigs, production platforms, and mobile field management operations—are located in remote areas with harsh environments. By implementing the Tricom Networks First Mile Wireless solution, the oil and gas industry takes an important step toward a complete digital oilfield. First Mile Wireless provides integrated, high-speed connectivity that extends the office experience out to oil and gas fields, creating the platform for advanced sense-and-respond capabilities that enhance asset productivity and optimization.

  • Improve reliability, security, and compliance
  • Leverage their existing knowledge base
  • Lower deployment and ongoing maintenance costs
  • Enable faster project execution

Why First Mile Wireless?

Asset owners and operators face two primary issues in exploration and production: asset productivity and operating efficiency. Operators typically do not have visibility to sense the current state of the oil field and respond with actions to reduce well downtime or to increase the oil flow. Traditionally, these sense-and-respond capabilities have been restricted by the remoteness of the first mile and its lack of connectivity. Tricom Networks First Mile Wireless resolves this limitation, enabling operators to transform their operations by creating the sense-and-respond capabilities that increase asset productivity, while reducing costs and improving communication and collaboration.

First Mile Wireless networks provide the platform to enhance operational visibility. This visibility takes many forms. For example, visibility enables technicians to gain access to the same resources in the field as they are used to in the office. Operations centers can continuously send and receive data to actually “see” what is happening in the field. The production control system can be extended to give deep insight into what is happening in the first mile in real time, not just once a day. Sensors on the equipment in the field can tell operators when it is likely to fail, not only when it has failed. Data from the field can be collected and transmitted to exploration and geoscience experts for analysis, without the need for the staff to travel to these remote locations. The wireless network can support the acquisition of data from the wellhead (even down-hole), transmit that data to a central location for management and analysis, and then communicate a response back to the

As a result, operators can respond with actions that will reduce or eliminate well downtime or increase the oil flow. In addition to providing visibility, First Mile Wireless networks can address the scarcity of expertise at the point of activity, the oil and gas fields. By extending the office experience to the wellhead and bringing operational visibility back to central locations, companies can make the most efficient use of experts, enabling them to manage multiple well operations and communicate with staff in the field in real time, and reducing operational costs. The First Mile Wireless solution also provides security. Most oil fields are not occupied locally, so there is a need to maintain the physical security and alert authorities to compromises and potential dangers. In the case of offshore drilling and exploration platforms, although personnel reside on the rig, security is still a challenge.

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