Tricom Networks

Investing In Tricom Networks

Tricom Networks is a privately held company founded on providing cutting edge network equipment and pathway solutions to all sectors of the communication industry. One of the key differentiators that has made Tricom Networks successful is our broad base of partnerships through the USA, Canada and Internationally. With our broad reach into our multifaceted partnership offering with customer importance in mind, Tricom Networks quickly became one of the vendors of preference.


With our broad reach of partners have successfully demonstrated its efficient operating model with strategic partner offerings that demonstrates substantial growth on a consistent basis. We have proven to partnered investors that our business model is effective and tangible.


Tricom Networks as a public and private sector equipment and solutions provider, we only seeks partnership investors with common interests and objectives. Our goal is to provide the highest return of investment is the shortest time possible.


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Tricom Networks with its global partnership reach provides cutting edge network communication solutions for all sectors of the public and private communication industry. Tricom Networks works with federal, state and local sectors including utilities and oil and gas to provide networking and mission critical communication solution and equipment.


Our teams of seasoned professionals are known for offering creative and unconventional solutions to complex and challenging projects, and customizing solutions to meet clients’ needs in today’s market place. As a leader in the government sector of the wireless communications industry, Tricom Networks is commonly called upon to provide cutting edge mission critical communication solutions to the public and private sectors.


Tricom Networks is an employee owned organization team of professionals have demonstrated to us and our investors that with dedication team work and a common goals with precise objectives and execution we as a team inevitably develop successful investor relationships and future customer business.