Fiber with No Limits!


FTTx allows a technology shift from existing copper cabling systems to fiber, providing an almost unlimited transmission rate. Plenty of financial models have shown little difference between the deployment costs of optical fiber and copper cable systems of equal capacity.

Solutions | Maximized Bandwidth | Minimized Cost

By choosing a FTTB/FTTN/FTTC architecture, the ISP can build a network which will fulfill customers’ demands for bandwidth and at the same time minimize the costs of implementing the network. An important quality of ZyXEL’s fiber and VDSL2 solutions is that they are highly scalable and open for increasing both the number of customers to be serviced and the bandwidth to the individual customer. The great advantage of passive fiber (PON) solutions is that splitters are totally passive and do not require any electricity or maintenance, so it can easily distribute the fibers with less operating or maintenance costs and it can operate in very rugged environments. On the other hand, ZyXEL provides P2P/Active Ethernet solutions for telco needs in totally different environments. The advantages of a P2P/AE network are the good bandwidth allocation which is managed to assure maximum bandwidth per subscriber though it may have higher energy consumption and maintenance.

FTTN | FTTx is an emerging network access solution with almost no limits. ZyXEL FTTx solutions provide clients with various combinations of solutions/products carrying different technologies. In FTTN networks operators wish to adapt the service to the most economical point which fiber can reach and which can be used by copper wire to get to all DSL users to retain existing customers without bothering, to provide new service promotion or new customer premises replacement. It is as easy as adding fiber interface line cards to an IP DSLAM if deployed in the fiber ready environment. For places with fewer subscribers, ZyXEL’s remote VDSL IP DSLAMs can serve as temperature-hardened devices for an outdoor/street cabinet for strategic plans. They can be deployed for high-speed internet access and IPTV services to expand services and market share to the green field.

FTTB | Fiber has been pushed to get closer to subscribers for a FTTB solution. Targeting communities with high-density population, the benefit of a ZyXEL FTTB solution is to reach the most economic point to subscribers in the basement, providing advanced bandwidth-driven services to subscribers with easy-to-install remote MSAN with scalability and expandability.

FTTH | solution is now commonly used in new buildings; it will be a luxury but limitless solution for now and the future. Network expandability, power consumption, distance and maintenance are the most important advantages which operators endorse. ZyXEL provides three different types of FTTH solutions: an end-to-end P2P/AE solution, a GPON IAD, and an end-to-end GEPON solution to fulfill the requirement of operators.

FTTx is a future-proof solution with almost no limits regarding network bandwidth. ZyXEL provides various solutions for operators to choose to adapt a fiber solution according to the environment. It is not only possible to connect from DSL to fiber, from voice/data to video, but it also provides connections for more experienced users using more advanced applications.

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